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10 Tricks to Help Reduce Roof Damage This Winter

Whenever winter season comes, homeowners should prepare their roofs for the cold and snowy months ahead. Keeping your family safe and secure all winter long can be achieved with the proper preparations and steps. Inspecting and preparing your roof for the winter should be part of home maintenance tasks and should be prioritized. Here are […]

What To Look For When Your Looking For a Roofing Company For Gutter Replacement Services

If you want to keep your home’s foundation in good condition, you need to keep your gutter system working properly. Once they get clogged, your home structure can be put in jeopardy. A gutter replacement service provider can help you repair or replace your gutters when problems arise. Gutters are meant to keep water from […]

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover a New Roof?

Every homeowner crosses their fingers and hopes for less damage whenever a major storm hits. For those with homeowners insurance, the question is, “does homeowners insurance cover a new roof? It will all depend on your policy and the former state of your home. Xpress Exterior Design can assist you with your insurance claims and […]

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